Killings Fields To Christ

A Novel Inspired By True Events

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Theodosia, Missouri – April. 17, 2019 – From Sophek Sean Tounn. Today, April 17, marks the 44th anniversary of the evacuation of over a million people from Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia in 1975. That exodus began what is the forgotten holocaust in which over 2.5 million people died under the brutal regime of the communist leader Pol Pot. In remembrance of this day, I would like to officially announce that I’m working with USA Today bestselling author Michael Bunker writing the novel that is inspired by my family’s escape from the Killing Fields of Cambodia.

There are many non-fiction autobiographical books written about the Killing Fields, but none as accessible and as personal as this one, because it is written as a novel. This project is designed to be not only a book, but potentially a feature length film. My co-author, Michael Bunker, is also producing a movie script from the novel, and Michael is just the man for the job.

Only a week ago, Michael announced that the major Hollywood movie being made from his novel Pennsylvania has officially attached a top-name director to the project. Patrick Tatopoulos, probably the best Production Designer in all of film is onboard to helm the film.

In addition, Michael is currently negotiating the sale of the film option for his novel Brother, Frank, which should be announced soon, so we know he is just the man for the job of telling this critical and moving story about the genocide in Cambodia.

The book, From Killing Fields to Christ, is also drawing early interest from Hollywood, and a talented actress and voice over artist Anita Cordell has been commissioned to do the audio book. Please help me by spreading the word on social media and beyond. The website site for the book is

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